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The SCAA Expo is the single largest offering of Pathway classes. An SCAA educational Pathway is a program designed to give you the knowledge, hands on experience and industry connections to pursue a successful career in the specialty coffee industry. There are four Pathways available to pursue: the Barista Pathway, Roaster Pathway, Coffee Buyer Pathway, and Coffee Taster Pathway. Pathway classes are available in both classroom and online versions and are offered throughout the year. Students have the option of attending Pathway classes either at an SCAA event, online, or at an official SCAA campus. Additionally, SCAA offers Stewardship Programs such as the SCAA Instructor Credential, SCAA Specialized Instructor, SCAA Lab Inspector, and Golden Cup Technician. Our Stewards protect the integrity of every aspect of the Pathway program.

For full details on these programs, please visit the SCAA Education website: www.scaaeducation.org.