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All Instructors have earned the SCAA Lead Instructor Credential through SCAA's Instructor Development Program (IDP) and are experts in their field within the various aspects of the specialty coffee supply chain. To learn more about the SCAA Instructor Development Program or inquire about eligibility to volunteer for the next SCAA Event (existing credentialed instructors only), click below:

Each year, The Event welcomes industry respected experts who inspire, educate and motivate nearly 12,000 coffee professionals to reach for their goals and expand their coffee knowledge. These presenters aren’t just anyone off the street; they are carefully vetted experts who are highly enthusiastic about their area of expertise and have a strong desire to share that knowledge for the betterment of the industry. Over 100 experts presented last year. Does this sound like you? If so, submit your Lecture proposal below:

If you have questions regarding lectures or encounter problems with the lecture proposal submission form, please contact Dorit Lessard at dlessard@scaa.org